Kris Brown is cooking

While I’m on the subject of people doing cool things with forester, even though it’s not on the localcharts forest, Kris Brown has forest with literally thousands of nodes:

agh I guess this is fair, since I happen to put them online, but for the record this is all very tentative / experimental, rather than something polished enough for me to want to broadcast! A lot of this was migrated by some janky script from my Obsidian notes from many years ago. Also I need to do a methodical pass through it to sort out which trees are original, a summary of someone else, or a direct copy-paste job.

I actually haven’t developed this forest for a long time since I think something like this proposed Forester feature is necessary to manage the complexity of internal linking once a Forest gets to thousands of nodes.


Hey, it’s still a cool forest :slight_smile: