In hydraulis by Antoine Busnois

You may remember this post of mine:

Renaissance polyphony: the Franco-Flemish school.

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I bet “farewell” is just being used literally, as “fare well” i.e. “good wishes”.

It’s interesting to see hemiola used for a pitch interval because it’s quite common to use it these days to describe a rhythm in the same ratio or something similar!

One thing I don’t like about LocalCharts is that if people respond to my blog articles here, readers of my blog won’t see it. This is the first time that’s actually happened.

So, anyway, I’ll copy your interesting comment to my blog and reply there. :smiling_imp:

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@johncarlosbaez, if you want I can help you setup WP Discourse – WordPress plugin |, which would make comments from localcharts show up on your blog articles.

That sounds like a solution—thanks, let’s try it!