How Naïve Dynamic Programming can Fail: Initiating a Systematic Study of Obstructions to Algorithmic Compositionality through the Lens of Cohomology

During Thanksgiving week I went to Wytham Abbey, a manor house in Oxfordshire where the “Workhop on Non-Compositionality in Complex Systems” was taking place. The workshop (organized by Matteo Cappucci and Jules Hedges) was centered around four papers that covered the theme of compositional patterns and emergence therein. I wrote one of them (the one on Structured Decompositions which I authored with Zoltan Kocsis and Jade Master) and you can find the other three here: 1, 2, 3. It was a truly lovely week of research in beautiful frescoed rooms warmed by fireplaces that Fabrizio would diligently keep burning at their maximum capacity.

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