Crossposting from mostly fixed

The discourse/forest integration (the crossposting that happens when you put \meta{comments}{true} in the heading of a forester post) has been subtly bugged for a while, because discourse decides to convert the forest url to lowercase. I had fixed this before by manually generating a cloudflare redirect for every forest page with a uppercase letter in it from the lowercased version, but then I moved off cloudflare and that didn’t work anymore. I now fixed it with openresty and the following piece of code in nginx.conf

    rewrite_by_lua_block {
      local uri = ngx.var.uri
      local matches, err =, "^/(\\w+)-([0-9a-z]{4})\\.xml$")
      if matches and not err then
          local new_uri = "/" .. matches[1] .. "-" .. string.upper(matches[2]) .. ".xml"
          return ngx.redirect(new_uri, ngx.HTTP_MOVED_PERMANENTLY)

As a consequence, forest links of the form xxx-yyyy will now redirect to xxx-YYYY. This is not a perfect workaround for discourse’s lowercasing; in particular it will not fix the case where you have uppercase letters in the xxx part. I suggest simply not doing that.

If you didn’t understand any of this, just know that localcharts is now slightly less broken.

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Here’s a fun little exercise: spot the bug in the old code. Here’s a hint: what does it do on lc-0001.xml?

I wonder whether it would be a good idea for the Forest crossposts to actually paste the text in so people don’t have to navigate between two different pages to comment.

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I think this could work if we ran the XML → HTML pipeline on the server instead of inbrowser, but I’m hesitant to do so because I’m worried it wouldn’t respond to edits of the forest page.

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Introducing… <iframe>

If you want to hack on the plugin, be my guest!