A basic logo

In setting up a LocalCharts bot on CT Zulip, I ended up sketching a basic logo for this forum.

Since we don’t have one yet Owen suggested posting it here for feedback. It’s actually three, in order of how much I like them:


As you can tell, I was inspired by the recent Twitter rebranding :upside_down_face: except I believe \mathfrak is way cooler that \mathbb.

(EDIT: The background color of the first two should’ve matched the background color of this website in dark mode, but it seems it doesn’t. Well, pretend it does…!)

Is the one you like the most first, or the one you like the least first?

I like the last one best, but maybe just because I like its color best. Matteo told us to imagine the first two have the same color as the last, but I’m not good at seeing one color and imagining it’s another color.

(I’m using light mode.)

I also prefer the last one. I think it’s the clearest and easiest to see.

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I’m going to adopt this for the time being; it works well at different scales and looks clean and mathy.

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We could probably do a slightly better job with the legibility of the favicon, but I think it works for now.

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@mattecapu could you make a version that spells out LocalCharts with the L in mathfrak, for the top of the site? And maybe lightmode/darkmode variants?

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Will do on the plane tomorrow :+1:

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Here’s a bunch of variations:

I can share the GIMP file if needed – there’s not much going on anyway.

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Maybe we could also have mathfrak C in LocalCharts?

Your wish is my command:

Also, all fraktur variants:

Damn, that last one is metal. I’m going to put it up and see what people think.


OK, it’s a bit silly, but I’m going to keep it that way for a bit just for fun.

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Also, what do people think about this discourse theme: https://forums.matthewbutterick.com/. Maybe with a slightly different color palette?

EDIT: he uses his own font Valkyrie, which is only commercially licensed, so that may be a non-starter.

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Oooh, I like it! Perhaps you can fallback to Garamond or something else from Google Fonts

You should have the white version load on dark mode instead of the black one. In fact I should make a dark and a light version using the colours of the website (whose black and white are not #000/#fff)